Binaural beats

Binaural beats and sex

Humanity has been looking for ways to make even sex better and surpass nature’s design. Since ancient Egypt and to this day people have trying out great many of ways to get rid of stress and fears and dive headfirst into a world of sensual pleasure…

Whatever we imagine, but the only organ in our body that we aspire to please is the brain. What way we choose. It is not important what part of our body we stimulate to excite ourselves, the final chord is played in the brain. Then, a reasonable question comes up: why trouble with “legs-hands-thighs-breasts” if we can affect the brain directly? Humanity had long known about binaural effects – an ability to determine the source of the sound. That said, different ears comprehend binaural beats coming from the outside differently. And a tested set of binaural beats (when sounds differing in frequency are played separately in each ear) arouse the brain directly and without any foreplay. Frankly speaking, not the most complicated way to reach the sensual climax. The important thing is not listen to sexual binaural beats accidentally during an office meeting – you never know how that might play out.

Music’s influence on sex

Music’s influence on sex

Sound is an important part of sex: sighs, moans, screaming. All that depicts emotional states of partners during intimacy. Intimate sounds are more distinctive for women rather than for men. This soundtrack of a coitus is an indicator of sexual arousal as well as it amplifies the latter for either partner. Some people are too shy to make such “sounds”; they can’t relax and “let themselves go”. More than often it is a necessary measure due to living conditions (thin walls, relatives with extremely sensitive hearing). A man often just can’t afford making sounds due to confusion or being afraid to come off ridiculous.

Whatever are the reasons leading to slowing down the soundtrack for the sexual act, they have a negative and suppressing effect on sexual arousal and don’t let you fully tap into your sexual potential. Music as well might contain the same arousing effect. Several tunes set us for caress and kissing, others directly push us into coitus per se. The elements that amplify sexuality are:

  • rhythm;
  • melody;
  • singing man’s voice tone;
  • word and phrases of sexual nature;
  • sounds imbedded in the melody imitating those that can be heard during arousal.

There is a whole collection of “sexual” music. A group of researchers [1] used mood induction through music to study the influence of good and bad mindset for sexual arousal among average healthy men. It turned out that negative mindset had a huge effect on negating physiological arousal. Music therapy as one of healing methods is even used for treating sexual disorders.

Binaural beats for sex

Binaural beats and sex

Music containing “sexual” binaural beats has even more powerful effect on the sexual aspect.

Binaural beats are “sound illusions” of sorts. The thing is thatif you play frequencies with a difference of no more than 25 Hz in one ear, the brain will “hear” the third frequency, which wasn’t in the initial music. If you use frequencies of the right range, it will let you “sync up” your brain with them and put it in the desired state. For instance, beta-wave frequencies (13-40 Hz) may help you pull it together, concentrate, wake up or make you more active.

Binaural beats help create different kinds of brainwaves, and each one of them will have its own positive effect. There is a lot of brainwave patterns, which people are able to experience, including:

  • gamma-waves are generated due to intense brainwork. When the brain succumbs to these frequencies, it’s easier to think and solve problems;
  • beta-waves are what people usually experience when they’re active and busy. That means that a person is mentally excited and concentrated;
  • alpha-waves are what people experience when they relax yet still not asleep;
  • theta-waves have to do with deep meditative states. They are also what people experience when they are in the REM sleep phase;
  • delta-waves are what people generate when they lose consciousness or fall into deep sleep without dream.

Apart from that, they may also affect one’s awakening. Binaural beats for sex usually combine several frequencies. For instance, first go theta-waves responsible for deep relaxation, a then gamma- and beta-waves kick in. They give you strength, let you thoroughly enjoy pleasure and make orgasms more vivid.

What do physicists say?

What do physicists say?

The resonance of fluctuating systems is a well-studied and explained phenomenon in the field of physics. If you ring a tuning fork with a frequency of 440 Hz and put it close to another one with its own frequency of 440 Hz, it will start ringing as well.

In that case it is said that the first tuning fork made the second resonate. The physics of the resonance interaction can be as well applied to biological systems as well. In our case, electro-magnetic waves in the brain pose the most interest. Electro-chemical activity of the brain generates waves of the same nature, which may be studied using special equipment.

The frequency of these waves depends on neuron activity in the brain. As neuron activity has electro-chemical properties, brain functioning may be altered by a way of injecting special drugs (psychotropic), electro-magnetic induction or resonance interaction with external systems.

And how do I use binaural beats for sex?

It is necessary to use headphones, and of good quality at that, in order to comprehend binaural beats. The thing is that each ear must hear different sounds affecting different brain hemispheres respectively. According to the “digital drug” theory these sounds combine into a necessary mix with a certain frequency in the brain of the listener. That frequency matches the brainwave frequencies and syncs up with them, which results in magical effects: from relaxation to sexual sensations enhancement.

  • You can listen to binaural beats during masturbation to accentuate your sensations.
  • You can offer your partner to share and interesting practice and set up a sexual experiment. Wireless headphones will allow you to fully surrender to passion and won’t restrain your movements.
  • You can listen to an appropriate beat before the date in order for the positive effect to last long enough. You need to listen to binaural beats for sex for about half-an-hour.

When do binaural beats most of all affect women?

Binaural beats and sex

An interesting research publish in a book called «Gonadal Hormones and Sex Differences in Behavior: A Special Issue of developmental Neuropsychology» under the edition of Sheri A. Berenbaum says that during PMS women’s hearing sensitivity is at its lowest level. It is increased to the maximum in the next 15 days after the end of the menstrual cycle, which has to do with a low level of such hormones as estrogen and progesterone. Thus, ladies should take this fact into consideration before exploring their sexuality.

Is there any sexual effect from binaural beats recordings?

Yes, there is. As any other sound stimulation, binaural beats distract a person and are an additional background incentive.

An Indian scientist Aditya Shukla believes that additional background incentive may be used by people with ADHD(attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder). Such people find it hard to concentrate. But if given additional background incentive (white noise, binaural beats, sounds of nature, mumbling radio, etc.), part of ADHD patients’ scattered attention will be involved to process this background incentive. That will help him to better concentrate on problem solving. As any other music binaural beats may cause certain emotional and mental reactions. People like one kind of music and hate the other, fall asleep to what excites others, meditate to music or do sports. That means that you can find such music and such binaural beats (in a form of an audio file) that that exact person will feel more relaxed or, on the contrary, energized.

In any case, you should acquaint yourself with your own reaction to different binaural beats before making conclusions. And remember that in any case you don’t risk anything as binaural beats are safe for you.

Is there any addiction effect with binaural beats?

No, there isn’t. There is addiction effect. Just like with meditation or other practices enabling the brain without any chemical substances. Binaural beats are absolutely safe. However, they shouldn’t be used without consulting your doctor if you:

  • have heart problems (serious cardiovascular diseases, having pacemakers, heart beat disorder, 2-3 stage hypertonic disease);
  • risk of having a stroke;
  • have serious head injuries;
  • are intoxicated with alcohol or drugs (or under sedatives);
  • have fever;
  • are an epileptic;
  • have any mental disorders.


Binaural beats may make your sexual life brighter and more exciting, help you feel more relaxed and enhance arousal. Try out some free samples to feel their effect on yourself and discuss collaborative practice with a partner. It may turn into a great love adventure!

[1] – Mitchell W.В., DiBartolo P.M., Brown T.A., Barlow D.H. Effects of posit ive and negative mood on sexual arous al in sexually functional males // Archives of Sexual Behavior. – 1998. – 27. – P. 197–207.

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