Binaural beats

Do binaural beats actually work? An article for skeptics.

Have you heard of the binaural beats phenomenon? This auditory illusion occurs when you hear two different clear sinusoidal waves both of which have frequencies lower than 1500 Hz.

Do binaural beats actually work?

In order for this illusion to work, there has to be a difference of no less than 40 Hz between those waves, and the listener has to hear them dichoticly (that means that one sound wave is translated through each ear).

When it is successful, the listener will report that he hears the third tone, and that tone is an auditory illusion, which we call binaural beat. Usually, the listener hears a sound of the same frequency that the difference between two sound waves that go through the headphones. So, if the difference between two sound waves is 10 Hz, then the binaural beat will also be perceived with a 10 Hz step.

Binaural beats were first discovered in 1839 by a German scientist, Henrich Dav. Since then they have become unbelievably popular with those who studies the miracles of a human brain and what it’s capable of.

How do we hear binaural beats?

How do we hear binaural beats?

Binaural beats build up in the middle part of the brain, where auditory signals are usually processed. The signals from our ears transform there before electric impulses get to our auditory cortex through neural paths.

The use of binaural beats

Binaural beats can be used in many different ways. Musicians often use them for tuning.

Organ and piano tuners are especially popular because of binaural beats utilization. One composer, Elvin Lucier, is famous for his compositions where he uses binaural beats.

Giacinto Scelsi is another composer from Germany, who devoted a lot of time to studying the phenomenon of binaural beats in his own works. And if you’d like to hear more of these intriguing musical pieces, you should definitely check out Phil Niblock, whose music is entirely based on there principles.

How can binaural beats be used for conscious dreaming

Binaural beats are perfect for conscious dreaming for many reasons. One of the main applications of binaural beats is based on their ability to put us to sleep and let us completely relax. Binaural beats are extremely important in meditation.

conscious dreaming

They can effectively lead our mind into a meditative state, and that can happen really fast when we listen to binaural beats. This saves you tons of time while concentrating attention. It really is very simple. You just need to calm down, relax and sit still awaiting the auditory illusion to take effect.

The connection between binaural beats and brainwaves

We know that one of the most important brainwaves during conscious dreaming is theta-brainwave, which functions in the range of extremely low frequency when we are deeply relaxed. So, it is plausible that listening to the sound of such frequency may cause theta-brainwave state of the brain. But there’s a catch.

A human ear isn’t able to perceive a sound of such low frequency. Now, if we create a low-frequency auditory illusion using binaural beats, we effectively help a person hear the sound of much lower frequency that he is initially able to.

If you want to try out this effect at home, you need to download a special app and make sure that you’re wearing headphones, because the sound is produced only in your brain, and you wouldn’t want to get distracted by the outer noises during this time.

How can binaural beats affect people?

Binaural beats are a huge field of study because they can have different and powerful effects on a human body. The first and most important effect is relaxation. Binaural beats, as it is known, are a powerful tool for those who wants to relax and enter a meditative state. That’s why they are crucial for those who hope to experience the miracle of conscious dreaming.

How can binaural beats affect people

Other effects of binaural beats include increased ability to concentrate on inner thoughts and senses helping address the sub-consciousness. Being in such a state people may discover that they are able to see different colors, patterns and shapes dancing in front of their eyes.

You can also experience something called audial hypnagogia, which means that you’ll be able to hear voices and parts of conversations happening around you, but won’t be completely conscious and hear them the same way as if you’d be awake and aware.

Binaural beats may cause altered mind states such as out-of-buddy experiences, when you seem to feel floating over your own body. You may also feel conscious during sleeping, which is a state very similar to conscious dreaming itself.

Try out binaural beats for yourself

If you’re interested in testing binaural beats, there are lots of free or almost free resources which you cam get access to for testing.

You just need a pair of quality headphones and a spot where you can relax, and you are ready to start. You can get access to a variety of binaural beats samples through YouTube. There are other free resources where you can download binaural beats for your private use. Of course, the best way is to acquire a special device, which will help you fully appreciate the power of beats and relaxing theta-waves.

Binaural beats and lucid dreams

Binaural beats and lucid dreams

Binaural beats are especially recommended for conscious dreaming just because they allow a person to gain access to a state of the brain which is best for conscious dreaming.

The thing is that when you listen to binaural beats, you immediately put your brain in a state similar to a trance, which is the best way to experience conscious dreams. Thus, binaural beats are a fantastic resource for those who want to plunge themselves into a magic world of conscious dreams.

Being in a meditative state similar to a trance created by conscious dreaming your brainwave activity would be most slow. You will experience the miracle of theta-brainwaves, which you only discover when going to bed or just upon waking up. Being in such a state you can activate your sub-consciousness – an important skill which will help you find out more about yourself.

Many people never really understand their innermost thoughts and desires, but when you try binaural beats, this won’t be a problem anymore. From that point you gain better understanding of how to use your brain power. You can achieve much more than you could’ve imagined when you discover all the magic of conscious dreaming for yourself.

Are you ready to try?

Try to listen binaural beats

Are you ready to use you true potential? Conscious dreams contain answers that you seek. When you try them out, your abilities become limitless.

You can do absolutely everything you want! Just imagine what you’d want to do… You could try flying; you could explore a wonderful world created by your own mind; you could sky-dive during the night! And all that won’t cost you a thing!

We advise to begin with listening to several binaural beats and try to relax. Then you should see where you meditative state similar to trance leads you. The results that you will experience may actually surprise you. Or, if you’re looking for something unique and instant, try out Mindmachine.

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