Binaural beats

Using binaural rhythms for deeper intimacy and better orgasm

The researches had shown that the sounds of binaural beats can have a much better relaxing effect, reduce anxiety and help concentrate. But can this type of brainwave grip actually reduce stress and anxiety, which many people experience during sexual contacts? In this article we will find out how you can increase sexual arousal and experience much deeper orgasms just listening to this music.

Intimacy and Relaxation. Is that your problem?

Using binaural rhythms for deeper intimacy and better orgasm

Many people can hardly relax, and for some even the process of sexual exploration of the body during masturbation becomes a problem.

There are a lot of reasons for that including stress levels, culture taboos around sexual activity, body image problems or increased sensitivity.

When we get stressed, the level of cortisol in our blood increases.

When high level of cortisol is produces for a long period of time, we gradually lose sexual appetite.

The common problem during intimate meetings is inability to relax and stop stressing out. Anxiety consumes us and the failures of the past come before our eyes.

This may create a barrier between what we want to do and what are able to do.

In the end, we get tense during intimacy with your partner or find ourselves unable to relax and enjoy the moment.

Music and Pleasure

Music and Pleasure

The good news is that science showed us that music can help us relax and stimulates pleasure centers in the brain. Here is brief summary of some interesting researches:

During one research scientists proved that the brain uses the same reward mechanisms that activate when we get sexual pleasure.

That’s why listening to appropriate music may be an effective way to increase sexual arousal and sense of pleasure as well as relaxation.

The researchers gave the subjects prescribed opiate blocking agent to block the opiates in the brain, which, as it is known, takes direct part in pleasure, which is why they basically blocked their ability to feel pleasure.

Then, the subjects listened to their favorite music and also some neutral music (control group).

The impressions that the subjects shared with us after the experiments we exciting. One of them said, “I know that this is my favorite song, but I think it wasn’t as usually was”. The other one admitted that “it sounds beautiful, but doesn’t quite appeal to me”. In general, the subjects noted that they don’t feel as much pleasure as usual when they listen to their favorite music.

Skin Orgasms and Music

The researches had also discovered that we experience what is known as skin orgasm when we listen to certain music. Perhaps, you had felt it yourself while listening to certain songs or compositions. It may develop as pins and needles in your body, goosebumps all over your skin or even sexual arousal for some people.

Skin or musical awe is a sensation of pleasure which is simultaneously universal and variable. It affects several parts of human body and depends on a person and circumstances in which it manifests itself. It is a sensation that has certain biological and physical characteristics similar to sexual orgasms.

Bonding and Music

Using binaural rhythms for deeper intimacy and better orgasm

Some other researchers point out that music has an ability to bond us, sync up bodily rhythms and create “biological soil for elevated sense of unity”. Passive listening to music increases interpersonal sync-up of cardiovascular and respiratory rhythms. (Source).

Thus, music has an ability to relax us, stimulate pleasure centers in the brain and even cause orgasms. Thus, music has an ability to relax us, stimulate pleasure centers in the brain and even cause orgasms. When you think about it, it becomes obvious that in addition dimming the light and using candles and herbal aromas for relaxation many people put on slow ambient music in order to create intimate atmosphere. Using binaural beats frequencies, you can get all the benefits of music and the further, the better.

Binaural Beats Orgasm

“The binaural beat of the body” had become a rather common term in therapeutic musical circles. But how does that really work?

Binaural beats drive the brain to a certain state and are most often used for relaxation. You need to relax in order for the body to reach the climax. As aforementioned researches show, listening to a right type of music you can stimulate your sensations of pleasure, which leads to a state of hyper-arousal and improves bonding with you partner. That is called tantric stimulation: a deeply relaxing and sexually stimulating soundtrack.

The frequency usually used for “love music” is 528 Hz. That is a specific frequency was taken from an ancient solfeggio scale and is known as “the frequency of love”.

Depending on how much your ears are prepared for music, you may not notice that that music is slightly different than just relaxing music. But you will instantly feel that it has a different effect, which had a lot greater influence.

That frequency gives music natural calming vibe.

They say that it connects your heart to the universe.

That results in creating a wish to submit to your own entity: your body and sexuality. That is a perfect state for those who tries to relax as much as they can during intimacy, be it alone or with a partner.

Frequency of sexual binaural beats


The second approach consists of mixing certain binaural beat frequencies into music in order to enable the brain to relax.

Best of all is to use 9 Hz frequency.

They say that that frequency helps to understand sexuality and reproductive system. It is the lower level of the alpha-state, so you will feel relaxed yet conscious and consciously earthed.

Again, in this state the purpose of music is to merge you with your sexuality and destroy any insecurities, fear and anxiety, which you might experience.

Delta-frequencies are also quite popular. That state is deeply relaxing and is associated with sleep on the lower level (around 1/0,5 Hz).

The frequency of 2,5 Hz has a direct connection with production of endogenic opiates.

As it was already mentioned in this research, which we summed up in the beginning of this post, the opiate system controls pain and reward mechanisms as well as addictive behavior. Opiates are usually described to have a restraining effect on male and female sexual activity. The aforementioned results (in this research) clearly show that brain opiates play the key role in sexual reinforcement.

How to listen to binaural beats?

Using binaural rhythms for deeper intimacy and better orgasm

The science behind binaural beats dictates that the timing between either ear for having the necessary effect is possible only while using headphones.

It’s not a problem during individual masturbation lying in the bed, for example. Wireless headphones are also very useful in such a situation.

However, headphones are problematic when being intimate with a partner. Let’s be honest, it wouldn’t go down very well (pardon the pun) to slip on a pair of headphones during your encounter.

In order to solve this problem, scientists created a type of music with isochronous tones. You can listen to this form of brainwaves capture without headphones.

This way you can use headphone version for yourself and a version without headphones for meetings with you partner.

Orgasmic Meditation with Binaural beats

The connection between meditation and music isn’t something new. The term “orgasmic meditation” exists for several decades.

It is a special type of sexual meditation. Long intimate touching allows you to enable all your sexual potential. Deep relaxation which follows after may cause instant orgasm.

This relaxed state with no concentration on the result is the key to the best orgasm. Those try their best to reach orgasm or even set the mood for intimacy know that the more you think about orgasm, the less it is possible to happen.

Meditation puts your mind in the state of calmness: it helps you screen out any unnecessary thoughts, soothe your extremely thinking mind and negate any negative energy oozing into your spiritual space. And binaural beats can make this meditation much more effective.

You don’t need to force yourself into any mood.

You just relax and let your mind calm down without clinging to any future goal or thinking about negative experiences of the past.

Thus, it makes music a natural remedy for those who find it hard to relax during coitus as well as those who suffer from erection dysfunction or partial paralysis as a result of nervousness and inability to relax.

This way is also perfect for those who struggle with intimacy but wants to reach higher levels of sexual arousal.

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