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Why do we need mind machines?


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Let’s assume that you already have your mind machine at home. And here you are, getting comfy in your armchair, putting on your headphones and glasses. Then you close your eyes and excitedly push the button and… start listening to a pulsing sound and seeing flickering light. You might think in the first few seconds, “What, and that’s all?!”

However, if you let yourself relax, then the flickering light visible through your closed eyelids will gradually start to create moving colorful and dynamic figures, which, along with the soothing sound, slowly put you into an unusual and pleasant state.

These colorful and seemingly alive figures and shapes may appear shocking at first. Now you notice that you are able to move your eyes and change the effects; you can concentrate on the figures and change their movements and shapes. Some people are sure that these phantoms stimulate imagination and inspire to do creative work. Others claim to see extremely realistic visions in real time and space.

Manufacturers love to talk about all kinds of funny cases in their ads and fliers. Some people saw a horse on their lawn, and some saw a beautiful phoenix…

The History of MIND MACHINES

According to the remaining documents, the history of using mind machines had begun 200 years before our era, when a Greek scientist, Ptolemy, who lived in Egypt, put the believers into a religious trance and caused hallucinations by transmitting sunlight into a temple through the needles of wheels spinning with a certain frequency (stroboscopic effect).

Different people used tribal dances around fires and tambourines for the same purposes since ancient times.

Modern light-sound machines are made of a microprocessor which controls the device made for light and sound brain stimulation with a set of controllable features (frequency, volume, intensity, tone, amplitude, phase, periods and some others). All that is packed into a neat casing.

How does a mind machine work?

A typical mind machine has a set of pre-installed sessions, which provide matching of different stimulation parameter changes in order for you to reach the desired effect or state.

Some machines can be programmed, which means that you can create your own sessions or download some new ones from the Internet.

Usually, the light stimulation is completed with an auditory one, which utilizes binaural beats. Binaural beats are a technology of brainwaves sync-up. They cannot exist outside of the brain – as a matter of fact, they are not beats per se. When each ear simultaneously hears slightly different sounds, the brain merges two frequencies together and generates a “beat”. For instance, of the left ear hears 210Hz, and the right one hears 200Hz, the brain generates a “beat” of 10Hz frequency, which is specific for meditative states.

Binaural beats won’t work without headphones. And if you just heard two different frequencies, they would just stay two different sounds, but when each ear hears isolated frequencies, the brain generates a “sound” with a frequency that is the difference between the two that you hear in your headphones.

Binaural beats effect in mind machines is amplified with visual effects, which allows to get maximum effect from the sessions.

Mind machine modes

Each session is usually designed by neurophysiology specialists, who work in this field. If we divide a session into goals, then there are typically nine:

  • Energize (to boost energy and cheerfulness)
  • Relaxation (for resting and deep relaxation)
  • Learning (to speed up the process)
  • Creativity (to boost creative abilities)
  • Visuals (for reality “aware dreaming” and development of visualization abilities)
  • Sleep (for falling asleep fast and insomnia treatment)
  • Meditation (backing tracks for different kinds of meditation: chakra, kundalini, mantra, etc.)
  • For Fun
  • Special (various “healing” programs: “back home” – for too much “fun”, for absent-minded, for sexual vigor and attractiveness, for dismay and depression, for mystical rise to “Higher Reason”, for breathing exercises, etc.)

Also, there are many sub-goals inside each of the aforementioned as well as subtle differences.

The beginners should use a mind machine for about 15-20 minutes every day for about 1-2 weeks in order to achieve any stable results. That time is enough for your brain to learn to adequately respond to stimulation, and for you to be able to understand all unfamiliar states.

However, just the first steps will give you unforgettable and pleasant experience.

Are mind machines safe?

There is no addiction (as with alcohol or drugs) or any pendulum effect (as it is with a hangover or “withdrawals”). On the contrary, the more you train, the better the results, the longer a stable effect, which means you’ll need less time to work with a mind machine, though it’s just simply pleasant and interesting.

Mind machines themselves are a powerful tool for rest, creativity and self-development. However, due to their ability to set the brain for certain states they may also serve as “amplifiers” for esthetic perception, education and memorization of huge pieces of information, various forms of therapy, etc.

Why do I need a mind machine?

mind technology

Scientific researches have proven the effectiveness of mind machines for curing or significant relief of suffering that people endured through their lives:

  • violence, stress (as a result of catastrophes or wars, etc.);
  • nervous disorders like anxiety and depression;
  • seasonal disorders, insomnia;
  • heart diseases;
  • digestive tract disorders; headaches; backaches; chronical pains;
  • hypertonia;
  • pre-menstrual syndrome;
  • eyesight disorders;
  • alcoholism and drug addiction;
  • mental disorders;
  • lowered learning capacity;
  • mental retardation;
  • sexual disorders.

However, mind machines pose the most interest for those who strive for self-development. Mind machines are used in professional sport and therapeutic work. Apart from that, researches conducted over Polar Circle, sea oil platforms demonstrated that regular light-sound stimulation helps avoid usual (in polar night conditions) depression among common workers, engineering personnel and maintenance, which eventually reduces the chances of trauma or any kind of hazard.

Mind machines and spiritual self-development

Mind machine sessions may serve as a great help aid for those who do spiritual practices and generally strives for self-understanding and self-development. With the help of light-sound stimulation any person can learn to enter meditative states, which usually take many years of hard training to achieve, in a short period of time. There are although special sessions for leaving your body and lucid dreams generation.

Such results in meditation are possible because a mind machine creates special electric potentials similar to the ones we have at the first stage of falling asleep. This psychophysiological state was named hypnogogic by Frenchman Mauri in 1848 (from the Greek word hipnos for sleep and agnogeus for a conductor).

Each and every eastern philosophical-esoteric teaching has been utilizing “hypnogogic” for creativity and self-development for centuries. They thoroughly worked on mental techniques and rituals for reaching that state and also had specific classifications of consequential psychophysiological occurrences. It should be noted that application of hypnogogic is not distinctive exceptionally for eastern religions.

Such famous people as Aristotle, Brahms, Puccini, Wagner, Goya, Nietzsche, Edgar Alan Poe, Charles Dickens, Salvador Dali, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein used hypnogogic on purpose in their work. The educational function of mind machines is also based on hypnogogic. Many people heard of learning while sleeping, but not everybody know that it occurs during hypnogogic stage.

Aristotle, for instance, developed a rather fun method for himself, which was later successfully used by Edison and Dali. Edison had a very intense schedule. And when he hit a dead end, he would sit in his favorite armchair, hold a metal ball in his hand (that would freely hang along the chair) and fall asleep.

Having fallen asleep, he would relax his hand and drop the ball. Edison would wake up to the noise it made crushing against the floor (according to other sources it dropped into a special metal basin) full of fresh ideas.

Anyone can learn to systematically and at his wish reach “heights” available only to masters of meditation or advanced Buddhists (who had to go through many years of trainings and arduous spiritual practices) in 15-20 minutes practicing for 1-2 weeks if they cause “induced potentials” with the help of light-sound machines specific for hypnogogic states.

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